Should Dialler Managers be paid more?

Here at Cactus Search, we recruit a lot of dialler roles for amazing companies throughout the UK – but if there’s one reason we struggle to place dialler candidates into their dream roles, it’s the salaries offered.

This makes us sad.

Time and again, we’re told that:

“The salaries offered would not merit relocation”

“The problem with filling these roles will be the salary – they seem very low for the jobs.”

“I think a couple of your clients will struggle to find a quality employee with the salary bands they have applied.”

But why is there such a disconnect between the salaries offered by clients, and those expected by candidates?


It’s partly down to the fact that dialler roles are evolving to become ever more about data, MI and CRM. As one candidate told us:

“Dialler management has evolved beyond it’s original point and is now a mixture of data, technical and MI. Now, it’s not only the dialler that requires management, as the role integrates all other communication methods, such as SMS. This means you may find people’s demand for experience go much further.”

This is in line with a lot of what’s going on in the contact centre industry at the moment – the growth of social media and new communication channels means that everyone’s role is adapting, but for some reason, the change in dialler technologies seems to have been left behind.

There's a lot more to learn nowadays...

This can lead to confusion when designing job specifications for dialler roles:

“Your clients need to know the difference between a dialler “admin” and a dialler specialist who will integrate with the rest of the business almost to a solutions architect level.”

And it’s not just what goes “in” to the dialler that’s become more complicated – the data side of the role seems to have grown more complex, with CRM systems gathering more and more insight. One candidate told us that:

“My work primarily involves the analytical side of the dialler, looking at the data that comes out the back of the dialler and then designing a strategy to make the best of it and implement the business intent.”

Lots more data.

What makes this situation complicated is that it requires three sets of people to understand the complexities of the role – there’s the dialler manager expected to do the job; the HR manager trying to fill the job; and us, somewhere in between!

This makes it even more important to keep abreast of the changing nature of dialler roles. Even the Ofcom regulations implemented earlier in the year have meant that dialler managers really need to be on top of their game, all the time, so it’s becoming ever more competitive for the top dialler bods. Here at Cactus Search four out of the last six dialler managers we’ve placed have relocated – showing that they’re a rarity, especially at the top level.

This means that employers need to really have something to offer to attract the very best candidates. It’s not for nothing, however, that it’s a competitive marketplace – a well run dialler means that your agents, managers, and customers are happy, and more importantly, the contacts that you’re making are more successful.


Cactus Search is the leading provider of Call and Contact Centre Management candidates to some of the most prestigious companies in the UK and Internationally.

2 thoughts on “Should Dialler Managers be paid more?

  1. Could not agree with this more and on the back of it I would say that the role expands still beyond that, The SME expects candidates to fill what roles they can in a business this often leaves compitent dialler managers filling multiple roles. In my own experience many IT Managers have not come from a technical background or from an IT related field meaning whilst they have management skills, they do not understand the technology involved, this leads to unproductive teams and the more technical of the staff in small call centrest the i.e. “Dialler Manager” to fill the gaps. This may also be a failing at the HR level not always understanding the business needs or being aware of how inportant the IT infrastructure is in modern business.

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