How to Interview like a Celebrity…

It goes without saying that interviewing for a new job can be a very daunting task. Even for those candidates who are the cream of the crop, having to attend a face to face interview can be intimidating, and we’re often asked for tips on how to get through them without fear.

Some people, however, seem to interview every day. People like this:

Fortunately most interviews aren't quite this crowded...

That’s why we’ve decided to put together a blog on how to interview like a star – and which starlet-style tactics should be avoided!

Confidence is Everything

Very rarely do celebrities seem flustered or nervous in interviews. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re surrounded by people telling them how fabulous they are all day, every day – but they ooze self-confidence, and they’re in no doubt that they’re the star of the show.

Confidence is not something Will Smith is lacking.

It’s a fine line, however, between confidence and arrogance – so make sure you’re more Will Smith, and less Liam Gallagher.

After all, you may not have an entourage following you around, telling you you’re a star – but if we at Cactus Search have put you forward for a role, we’re practically doing the same thing. You can get the job!

It’s All About You

Another reason celebrities don’t seem to get flustered in interviews is because they’ve been asked the same questions about themselves over and over again (which is why it’s important to familiarise yourself with answering competency based questions if appropriate!)

Be like Tom Hanks. Everyone loves Tom Hanks.

With competency based questions, it’s a good idea to use the STAR model, which will allow you to structure your answer in a logical and concise manner.

Situation – Describe the situation/problem you were faced with – try to keep your examples recent!
Task – What did you have to do?
Action – What action did you take? Why? Were there any challenges/obstacles and how did you overcome them?
Results – Highlight the outcome, with a focus on results – keep it positive!

This sort of focused response will help your answers to seem clear, concise, and considered – and you’ll interview like a pro.

Don’t Go Gaga

Love her or loathe her, Lady Gaga is known for her quirky interview style – and her crazy outfits. While it works in her case, we’d warn that if you attend an interview dressed like this:

Not an interview appropriate look.

…We will definitely struggle to place you.

Avoid Celebrity-Style Tantrums

Sometimes, in an interview, the questions seem to be designed to throw you. Even if you’re incredibly well prepared, and you understand the role inside out, you still might get a question that utterly confuses matters.

That’s not a good reason, however, to do a Russell Crowe, who swore on air before walking out of an interview on Radio 4 last year. It’s not a good look.

Don't throw any telephones, either.

So we’re clear, let’s go through that again – don’t swear, and don’t walk out in a strop. It will not get you hired.

And whatever you do…

Don’t act like Tom Cruise. No matter how excited you are, and no matter how much you want the job…

No. Just.... No.

Cactus Search is the leading provider of Call and Contact Centre Management candidates to some of the most prestigious companies in the UK and Internationally.

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