The Importance of Feedback

Here at Cactus Search, we work with an enormous number of clients on a daily basis, sending them great candidates from our 15,000 strong database of management & specialist call centre professionals. We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet – just popping this into context!

Insert cheesy image of the Cactus team "high-fiving" here.

Obviously with so many great candidates, and with more coming to us every day, it’s important that we know exactly what our client is looking for before we start out on our search. And usually, that’s made easy through clear job specs and great briefings, which we’re lucky enough to get from almost all of our clients.

We always send through those candidates we think are perfect for the role, having balanced out cultural fit, the demands of the role, and a host of other factors – but it’s natural that there’ll be candidates in our shortlist that aren’t quite what our client is looking for. It’s at this point that getting feedback is absolutely essential in building a recruitment process that makes the most of us – your recruiter – who you’ve entrusted with your role and your business.

It might seem as though giving feedback to candidates being declined is a bit of a chore, and perhaps a bit of a pointless task – after all, they’re not candidates you’ll ever see again, and they’ve already wasted enough of your precious time in their interview.

But giving detailed feedback can be really beneficial to your recruitment process. After all, at Cactus Search we pride ourselves on only sending the very best candidates we can find (read our blog on why this is necessary here) and we always pay the utmost attention to our clients’ needs. Giving us feedback on the candidates you’ve declined gives us the opportunity to tweak what we’re looking for, so if a second search is necessary, we can pinpoint exactly who you need to really add value to your business. give high quality feedback.

Not only that, but providing your applicants with feedback can really enhance your employer brand, with candidates coming away from the experience with a positive attitude towards your company – even if they don’t get the job.

If, on the other hand, they’re left with no constructive feedback, they’re more likely to try to guess (often wrongly!) the reasons they weren’t selected, and more likely to be annoyed by your recruitment process. They might talk about this with their friends, both on- and offline – and with the influence of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn growing daily, this word-of-mouth can be really pervasive, and damaging in the long term to your employer brand.

It’s worth remembering that more often than not, candidates will have taken time out of work, and invested both time and money travelling to and attending their interview – so being turned down without feedback really has the capacity to annoy.

Compare this with the candidate who interviews, and doesn’t get the job, but uses your constructive feedback to get a new job a couple of weeks later. By this point, you’re looking for someone for another role, and they know someone who is perfect for the role. They give their friend the push in the right direction, and voila! You’ve got yourself a star candidate, who is already positively predisposed towards your business due to the recommendation from their friend.

Something like this. But less cheesy.

Plus, it helps us to know where our candidates went well, or went wrong, in their interviews. Not unlike this picture, we here at Cactus are a bit of a team, and we share feedback between us. For instance, if a candidate interviews with one consultant, and is declined because they were too focused on one aspect of the role, we’ll give that feedback to the candidate. But if they’re interviewing with another of our consultants the following week, they’ll be able to really advise them on the best way to use that feedback to really grow as a candidate.

When it comes down to it, good feedback helps us to find the best candidates for our clients, and the best jobs for our candidates. Having clients that can provide good quality feedback means that we can attract the very best candidates – it’s an integral part of our process, and it can make your recruitment much simpler and more efficient, whilst growing your brand and making you an employer of choice.

Cactus Search is the leading provider of Call and Contact Centre Management candidates to some of the most prestigious companies in the UK and Internationally.

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