The Cactus Babyshower!

The Cactus (and Talent Match!) Babyshower

As you may or may not already know, our director Francesca is set to give birth to twin boys next week – which we’re incredibly excited about!

So excited, in fact, that we decided to throw a surprise babyshower for the twins! Our consultants pitched in to buy a gorgeous baby mat, and other necessary bits and bobs for the babies, and tried to sneak into the house to surprise Francesca.

It didn’t quite go to plan – for a start, Francesca arrived home to find all of our cars parked outside, which was a bit of a giveaway. And Matt’s attempt at hiding behind a cushion wasn’t enormously successful… But the thought was there!

In this picture, you can see (left to right) Stuart, Natalie, Philippa, Jo, and Francesca (all Cactus Searchers), Lucie and Lorne from Talent Match, and Guy, the very proud dad-to-be, on the floor. A couple of people aren’t in the photo – Katie was behind the camera, Matt had had to dash off to attend to his own baby, and Laura and Lacey unfortunately couldn’t make it. You can tell it was a really swish party from the prosecco and mini sausage rolls with ketchup – because we know how to celebrate in style!

The twins are part of Guy & Francesca’s new hiring strategy – namely, they’ve decided to “grow their own” staff rather than recruiting from outside!

So from the whole Cactus & Talent Match team: Congratulations Guy & Francesca – we can’t wait to meet the twins! And don’t worry – we’ll post cute baby photos as soon as we can…

One thought on “The Cactus Babyshower!

  1. If you hadn’t listed everyone’s names we’d never have guessed who was the pregnant one! Good luck to Francs, shame the date changed from the 2nd although you do look ready to burst!

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