Why Social Recruitment is More Than Just a Numbers Game

The recent furore surrounding the changes in the Klout metric got us really thinking about the way social media is used in recruitment.  We’ve been advocating social recruitment for a long time – and over the last year, we’ve seen an enormous growth in our social channels since the start of 2011.

Not a day goes by without a new trending topic on LinkedIn about social media, and the way it’s used by companies large and small. And every day, more and more recruiters sign up for Twitter, Facebook, and the like, to see what all the fuss is about.

But where a lot of recruiters go wrong is by thinking that it’s all about the numbers. The old ‘quantity over quality’ argument always holds firm in most aspects of recruitment, from not bombarding your hiring manager with mediocre CVs, to managing your time and roles so that you’re working on the best of the best. And it’s never more relevant than with social recruiting.

We’re a niche business in a very diverse sector, so our aim isn’t to have thousands of irrelevant followers, fans or connections. We’re very proud of our social sites, each of which has its own community of professionals from our industry. The most important part of being social, however, is engagement.

We can’t stress this enough – we believe engagement is absolutely key to a great social media service. The clue’s in the name: it is social, after all. And this is where a lot of recruitment companies go wrong on the social front. Many expect to be able to post their jobs, then sit back and watch the candidates roll in – but that’s far too one-sided for social media. Others will connect with all and sundry, across industries and networks, without understanding who it is exactly that they’re trying to reach!

And this brings us to the new metric used by Klout. We’ve been testing out the metric (which is why you may have noticed some changes in the way we’ve been working this week.) What’s interesting is that the less we engaged, the more our score went up – and yet when we interacted with our followers, we found it dropped again!

So what does this mean for social media metrics? After all (and do correct us if we’re wrong!) the point of social recruitment is to source and engage with candidates and clients relevant to your niche, and to offer high-quality, interesting content that gives them something above and beyond a list of jobs or CVs. If Klout’s metric has changed so that doing this is detrimental to your score, then we’re not sure that it’s a good metric for recruitment.

But if you’re not measuring scores, and numbers aren’t what you’re aiming for, then how can you measure your social success? Well, to our mind, that’s simple.

You need to listen.

If you’re talking to your followers, and properly engaging with them, you’ll know if your social sites are working. As you can see, we’ve got some very lovely, generous followers – and their kind words don’t go unnoticed! Aside from making us feel warm and fuzzy inside, we make sure that all of the feedback we get from social media is taken into account – positive or negative.

Of course, where a lot of businesses fall down is in the fact that they simply don’t have the time or resources to manage, maintain, and engage with social networks. Because it is time consuming – we’ve got one member of our team who is solely dedicated to managing our online presence, from our website to our social media. It’s an investment, but one that makes our recruitment process better for our candidates and our clients.

A strong social media presence means you can understand exactly where your business fits in, and your strengths and weaknesses are out there for the world to see. It means your candidates get the last word on how you’re helping them, but it also means that you can always find new ways to help them more. And it can help you stay at the forefront of your market.

But to do so, it’s about more than just numbers.

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