Management, and How to Rock at It

It’s already the start of December, which means Christmas is around the corner, and after that, the inevitable New Year’s resolutions of hitting the gym, cutting down on the mid-week drinks and all-round self-improvement get going.

But rather than making these traditional resolutions, why not have a think about some differences you could make to your management style in 2012? We’ve been thinking about what makes a great manager – and here are our top tips!

The little things are important.

Focusing upon what you can do to make real change happen in your business often means starting with the small stuff. Making sure your agents are happy can make an enormous difference to productivity on a wider scale. Plus, conventional wisdom has shown that change always starts small – and those who pay attention to detail are rewarded.

But… Don’t ignore the big issues!

It’s all about balance – it may seem like a contradiction after the last point, but if you get too tied up in the minor points, it’s worth taking a moment to think about the big picture every so often. Schedule a time once a week where you’re getting your priorities in order, so that you can see how all of your tasks fit together – and where your focus needs to be.

Focus on Quality

Focusing on improving quality, rather than just growth for the sake of growth, will make your contact centre not only better at providing a great customer experience, but it’ll also make it a better place to work. In turn, this will lead to your business attracting the best staff, and being a lot more difficult to shake in times of change.

Keep the Momentum Going!

Being a great manager means being agile, and able to work with your market. With all the upheaval of the last couple of years (and the doom and gloom reports that still seem to be everywhere!) it’s really important to keep rolling with the punches. Having enough strength to keep your momentum in times like these will motivate those around you to do the same – so get moving!

Make Your Targets Challenging, but Achievable

Keeping your team motivated means you need goals for them to aim for. Having realistic targets on both an individual and a team basis will keep your team focused and aiming high.

So that’s our suggestions for Managerial New Years’ Resolutions – although you don’t have to wait until the new year to start! Do you have any great tips? And what will you be doing to make your business stronger in 2012?

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