The 2012 Contact Centre Management Salary Survey

It’s here at last! The 2012 edition of the Cactus Search Salary Survey is now available for free from our website.

It’s yielded some very interesting results, given the turbulent economy, job losses and budget cuts that have had an impact across the globe – with an average increase of 6.72%, more than three times the national average across industries.

This has huge repercussions for businesses hiring these types of professionals, as candidates have much higher expectations – although this does depend on the type of role they’re in. Resource Planning professionals, for instance, have seen an enormous jump in salaries offered (something we’ve called the Resource Planning Gold Rush!), yet Team Leader salaries have remained generally static – although this does vary quite significantly depending on their industry and location.

There are many other interesting insights in the survey – and if you’d like to download your free copy, click here.

Our benchmarking exercises have come to be regarded as the best in the industry (something we’re very proud of!) as a result of our specialist knowledge and in-depth understanding of Management & Specialist roles throughout the Call & Contact Centre industry.

It’s as a result of our partnership approach that we can bring these surveys out each year, to give both our clients and candidates an idea of their position within the industry, and to reflect the state of the industry as a whole.

We’re always glad to hear your thoughts on our Salary Surveys (along with anything else!) – so please do share your thoughts in the comments box below, or join us on LinkedIn to discuss the results!

Cactus Search is the leading provider of Call and Contact Centre Management candidates to some of the most prestigious companies in the UK and Internationally.

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