Making Love Happen…Fast!

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day – and love is in the air. Recruitment sometimes gets a bad rep, but when it comes down to it, we’re just professional matchmakers. We’re quite lucky – we get to be involved in making people fall in love at first sight and long-term relationships happen.

We’ve got a lot of experience in doing this after all these years – but we thought we’d offer some nuggets of wisdom to our candidates and clients to help make love happen. You can thank us at the wedding!

Make the First Move

When you’re recruiting for senior level staff, being coy and flirty won’t get you very far. We’re all-too-familiar with the recruitment process moving too slowly, with candidates and clients alike losing interest after delays and hold-ups on either side. We’ll do our best to keep things moving for you, but at the end of the day, we’re only the matchmaker – you need to take action!

Clients: If you’re interested in that candidate, you need to let them know, and move quickly to secure their affections. Ideally, the recruitment process should be fairly swift, with a rapid turnover from shortlist, to interview, to offer – and not forgetting the exchange of contracts.

Candidates: Don’t be shy! If you’re interested in that role, let us know – and be on the ball when sending us your CV, confirming interview times and dates, and getting your contract and start-date confirmed.

Dress to Impress

We’re not just talking about your actual clothes here – we’re hoping the need for dressing well when meeting your new boss goes without saying! Catching ‘the one’ goes a lot deeper than a snazzy suit…

Clients: Your candidate experience should be suave, sophisticated and super-appealing. It’s not just the candidate that should be selling themselves to you – you need to impress them too, especially at a senior level.

Candidates: Good tailoring is a must. Especially when you’re writing a CV – after all, it’s the first thing the client will see, and it’s important that they fall in love at first sight. But it’s not just the CV – nowadays, you’re likely to be Googled before a first date/interview, so make sure you follow our tips on brushing up your personal brand before you start the job hunt.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Knowing who you are and what you want, and being confident enough to stand by that, is crucial in a good relationship. That’s why we get all of our candidates and clients to be clear about their expectations before we match them up. Nobody likes a nasty surprise once they’re already attached!

Clients: When you’re briefing us on the role, be clear about the maximum salary you’ll be able to offer. If the top end is £55k, advertising the role at £60k will only lead to more hassle and heartbreak in the long term, when your perfect candidate turns out to be unavailable to you at that price.

Candidates: Pretty much the reverse – don’t tell us you’ll accept £55k if you’re looking for £60k. When we send your CV to clients, your salary expectations are attached – and while it’s not exactly a ‘sacred vow,’ it’s pretty close. It’s better to be up front about your expectations in the first place than to have a fight at the offer stage.

Also – if you’re having reservations, be honest! Nobody wants to be jilted at the altar – so if you’re getting cold feet about turning up on the big day, talk to us. We’ll be able to soften the blow with the client, and help them to find true love again, eventually…

Recruitment is all about building relationships, and a clear, honest, open approach is absolutely fundamental to making love happen. We love our candidates and clients – and we’ll do everything in our power to match you up with your perfect partner. We love matchmaking – so let us find the one for you!

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