The Domino Effect

If you’ve been following our Twitter account recently, you’ll have probably noticed that we’re suddenly a little bit obsessed with Resource Planners in the South East. And Bid Managers pretty much everywhere.

This isn’t something we’re surprised about in the least – indeed, we touched on it briefly in our Guide to Resource Planning last year as one of the challenges of recruiting in this industry, particularly for candidates with such a specific skillset.

Here’s a scenario: one Head of Resource Planning relocates from a business in the South to somewhere up North. There’s an internal promotion to fill that role, but the void left by the Resource Planning Manager is recruited externally. The successful person leaves a void in their present organisation, the replacement for whom is recruited externally – and so it goes on and on… and on!

This goes some way to explaining why this type of recruitment is really geographic – we can go for months without looking for a Resource Planning Manager in Manchester (for instance), and then, all of a sudden, we’re seeking four all at once.

What we’re finding, with the huge recruitment campaigns taking place for new contact centres opening across the UK, is that there’s a really big demand for candidates with this particular skillset. Companies setting up new contact centres and departments are paying a premium for those candidates who have a strong background, and can bring their experience to the fore in a new set-up.

As a result, businesses are having to strive to retain these types of candidates not just in Resource Planning, but in other specialist disciplines in the contact centre industry – for instance, Bid Managers and MI Specialists. It’s not just about salaries, either – there are a number of factors that candidates like this are seeking. For example, our Benefits Survey last year showed that of the Forecasting & Planning Managers surveyed:

  • 86% received a bonus, ranging from 0-30%
  • 43% of respondents were provided with a car or car allowance, with these split 70% and 30% respectively
  • 86% of respondents were offered free parking at their workplace
  • Over 50% of respondents had Private Healthcare included in their package, with 36% receiving Life Assurance and 86% offered Death in Service.
  • 21% were offered Childcare Vouchers by their employer, with 43% provided with a Subsidised Canteen and 36% a Subsidised Gym.

This sort of movement within the industry is, in a way, a symptom of success. The huge growth in recent years means that these candidates are ever more in demand, and unless businesses have strong succession plans in place, it’s tricky to fill the void.

We’re not trying to do ourselves out of business – naturally more hiring in the niche market is good for us, because it’s what we do. But it’s absolutely essential to focus on nurturing talent in these skillsets wherever possible, with training, development, and of course, a good benefits package, to ensure that you don’t end up on the wrong end of the domino effect.

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