The Job Satisfaction Survey is Here!

We’re a recruitment agency – and our understanding of what drives people to seek out career moves, especially in this industry, has served us well over the last (almost) decade. We’ve said over and over again, in blogs, in articles, and at industry events, that salary and benefits are only a very small part of what drives candidates to seek out new roles.


We talk to people looking for new roles day in, day out – and more often than not, it’s the slightly less tangible concerns that really drive people to seek out a new opportunity. It’s testament to the motivation and enthusiasm of our candidates that “I’d just really love a new challenge,” is one phrase we hear a lot, and “I’d like more independence to make changes” another.

These things are, usually, very difficult to quantify – and yet, they’re the things that employers need to know to allow themselves to hire and retain the very best staff. Above salary and beyond benefits, these are the things businesses should be looking to understand about their employees at all levels – because while profit and business concerns are essential, especially in this economic climate, what company doesn’t, deep down, want to be a great place to work?

That’s the logic that brought us to the idea of creating this survey – which is available to download here!

When we first set out to measure this, we weren’t sure whether it would work – but we were delighted at the responses we received, and the amazing detail that the results were able to highlight about Job Satisfaction in the contact centre industry.

We’re absolutely delighted at the survey’s success, and the enthusiasm with which our candidates and clients embraced our attempt to measure something so complex and varied. It’s been a real challenge, but one that’s both confirmed some of our ideas on what constitutes job satisfaction, andhighlighted some interesting variations between staff at all levels of the contact centre.

So a big thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in our Job Satisfaction Survey – and please do let us know your thoughts!

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