The Employer’s Potential Pitfall

We like to do a bit of researching here at Cactus – it’s important to know the industry inside out. We’ve recently been produced the 2013 Salary Survey. This handy document required extensive research into salary figures across the contact centre industry- and so we’re proud that it’s finally finished.

There’s been a trend developing recently that has taken us by surprise – and we believe it’s important to highlight it.

Jobs are a commodity. They are sought after by… pretty much everyone – and employers need those positions filled, often immediately.

There is a whole host of new roles in the industry, from both new and established businesses.  This is great news for the economy and jobseekers alike (and even us recruiters) – but there seems to be a growing risk to employers.

Don't leave employees waiting. It's a long queue and they might turn to alternative job offers if employers leave them hanging!

People have choice. With jobs on offer here, there and everywhere, employers have to move fast!

Which brings us back to the trend we’ve seen developing: employers are at risk of losing potential talent because they aren’t acting fast enough when it comes to hiring. Jobseekers who find themselves hanging around to hear if they have a 2nd stage interview or to know if they have been successful will still consider other opportunities that could just move faster. And yes, this happens all the time!

It’s safe to say that employers shouldn’t keep potential employees waiting – they might just be pinched!

However, we’re not saying employers should feel the need to rush the interview to employment process. It’s all boils down to the nitty-gritty of ‘Communication and Engagement.’ That’s our tip: keep potential employees in the loop and Engaged so they know where they stand will ensure they are still there when you decide to move forward with them.

Communication will equal success!

Now it’s important to say that this doesn’t happen everywhere, however, recently this has started to become more and more of an issue and continues to crop up. We believe that it’s important to highlight this as it could be something affecting your business.

There are excellent candidates out there so be sure that other employers don’t snap them up while they wait. Employers who strongly communicate and engage with their candidates (and recruiters) will reap the benefits from their talented hire!

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