This Is Us – And Our Industry (An Infographic)

We love our infographics here at Cactus. They’re a great way to convey industry studies in a succinct and attractive manner – so it’s no surprise that we’ve created another for you. We’ve produced a lot of infographics this year, from ‘Studying the Contact Centres in 2012,’  to the promotion of our ‘2013 Salary Survey’  – and finally some closer studies of the industry with our infographic on ‘Contact Centre Attrition.’

This one is all about us: who we are, what we do, what we look like, what we’ve done and what you say about us! We’re very proud of this one and we’re very thankful for all the kind comments we’ve received over the years.

So here it is, can you spot our mugs?

We hope you like it – and please do let us know your thoughts on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook!

You can also download the PDF version here.

This is us - and our industry

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