The Cactus Search Advent Calendar – 20th of December

If you’ve not heard, every day up until Christmas (or there about), we’ll be opening the door of our advent calendar and sharing the hidden treasure behind it with you! We’ve asked contact centre professionals across the board for their views on leadership or advice for management or contact centres.

Door 20 marks the end of the Cactus Search Christmas Calendar. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading, or featuring, throughout the duration of the calendar. We’ve had some fantastic quotes, inspiring for leaders and managers alike. Below is the final quote, ending on a happy note – Merry Christmas!


Missed a day?
December the 1st
December the 2nd
December the 3rd
December the 4th
December the 5th
December the 6th

December the 7th
December the 8th
December the 9th
December the 10th
December the 11th
December the 12th

December the 13th
December the 14th
December the 15th
December the 16th
December the 17th
December the 18th
December the 19th

To find out more about the ways in which Cactus Search can make Management & Executive selection for your contact centre a bit less prickly, drop us an email on, or call us on 0845 519 3310.

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