Considering A New Career? Now’s The Time To Act!

With the New Year comes those pesky New Year’s resolutions and right at the top of many people’s lists will be a career change!

new year

Now more than ever is the perfect time to look for your dream career with the frenzy and hype surrounding ‘Massive Monday’ set to saturate the rest of this week.

What is Massive Monday you ask? Well, it’s what the recruitment world has dubbed the first Monday of the New Year and reportedly it is the “most popular day to look for a new job” (Morris, 2015: Massive Monday). According to an article by Stefan Kyriazis on “record numbers” flocked to the job boards on this day last year with seeing “over three million enquiries about new jobs in the week after Massive Monday – and almost one million applications.” This year these figures are expected to rise and with competition in the contact centre job market still fierce you need to make sure you’re standing out from the crowd!

Young man standing to the side of a large crowdProcessing on average 2000 applications a month and with a bespoke candidate relationship database of over 20,000 management and specialist function candidates, here at Cactus we know what makes a candidate shine!

As we set in to 2015, which is forecasted to be an extremely exciting year for Cactus, we have included some skills below which we have seen a natural increase in desirability from both candidate and client over the last 12 months.

Languages – Both in the UK and globally languages have become a hot topic in the contact centre industry and with more and more pressure for candidates to be multi-lingual we are finding this can be the deciding factor at the final interview stage. Second, third and even fourth languages need to be at the forefront of any application made this year so make sure they are highlighted on your CV!

International Experience – Highly sought after, rare and consistently impressive, international experience oozes a candidate’s resilience, versatility and cultural adaptability. Our International Specialist, Sam, is finding internationally experienced candidates twice as likely to receive offers for an initial interview than those without.


Prince2 – In the last year we have seen a significant rise in Prince2 qualifications from candidate profiles. Investing time, energy and resource into learning this skill will propel you above the crowd and depending on the methodology required by the client this can often be a deciding factor in securing that perfect role.

Six Sigma – Feedback from our clients is showing that over the years there has been an increasing demand for this skill as it improves customer service, employee productivity and profit margins. Whether Green or Black Belt having this status will really help you secure that new role!


All four of these are easily attainable with hard work, dedication and time! Of course they do very much depend on your own expertise and your desired career going forward but they are certainly worth looking into or adding to your New Years resolution list as thing to do this year!


To find out more about the ways in which Cactus Search can make Management & Executive selection for your contact centre a bit less prickly, drop us an email ( or call us on 0845 519 3310.


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Morris, C. (2015)

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