Why using a recruitment agency will always bring you out on top!

When looking for that next great employee levels of stress can go from manageable to through the roof in a short space of time. As the individual that has been given the task of finding the next Mike Ross you know that there’s a lot of pressure involved in starting on the long journey to find suitable candidates (that horrible sifting through CV after CV). Then when candidates have been found interviewing, with at least two stages, to doing background checks and then settling the winning candidate into their new role.

What if I was to say that there was a much easier and faster solution to this universal problem. A simple answer to the question you are asking yourself at least 10 times a day as you scroll through yet another bulked out resume that is initially, a newly graduated university student who worked all their Sunday’s at their local fast food restaurant.

You want to look no further then getting yourself and the company you work for involved with a recruitment agency. Why? I hear you ask. Why is because they are the angels of the new job world. They are the ones that will know all the answers to all the questions that sit on that first piece of planning paper…


  1. Where to advertise? Recruitment agencies know all the best places to put a job vacancy, they will have accounts with all the best job boards. For you this means that they will get the word out there for you in all the right places. Here at Cactus Search we also advertise on our own webpage and send out job alerts at the beginning of every week and also during the day with any new vacancies that come in there and then.
  2. How to find suitable candidates? You will always get responses to an online advertisement, that is the magic of this new world in which media is at the forefront of everyones mind. Although you might get back something like 100 possible candidates not all of these will be suitable for the overall job. Working with a recruitment agency means you no longer have to dig through the pile. Cactus Search looks at each and every individual CV that is sent through for every role, and if the CV looks promising then the consultant will ring the individual to ask further questions to see what further boxes they tick. Then, and only then, do we then send on the CV to our client.
  3. When do I do interviews? Recruitment agencies liases between yourselves and the candidates that you have picked out for forwarding in the process. They will speak to the candidate for you and either lay out a date that you have set or ask them when their availability is. Whatever works for you. And you can bet, Cactus Search will help you in any way to get those all important interviews penned into everyones diary.
  4. How should I prepare candidates? Should I prepare candidates before the interview? This is always a tough question. A recruitment agency, such as Cactus Search, we will ring the candidates and pass on any information that they need to know prior to speaking to you at the company. Or maybe it might even be emailing any extra documents over…
  5. How do I offer them the final contract? This can sometimes be the hardest part of finding a new employee. You might have found the perfect candidate but you know your offering them less money then what they want, or perhaps you know they’ve had final interviews with another company. What if they say no. The worry of having to start all over again! But here at Cactus Search we get in contact with the candidates and offer them whatever you want and then we will do all the running back and forth to make sure that everyone involved is happy with the new opportunity!

So why not get in contact with us here at Cactus Search (or even our sister company Cactus Frontline) to see what we can do for you! Just whizz on over to our Cactus Search

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