Unusual interview questions, what do you do?

Upon going to an interview there are certain hoops that you expect to have to jump through, such as preparing a presentation, completing a personality or maths test, or even just knowing all the information you can on the company that you are interviewing for. But what happens when something out of the ordinary pops up…

When sitting opposite the hiring manager for your potential new company you almost know near enough all the questions that are going to be fired at you through the time you spend sweating with nerves. However, sometimes an interviewee might throw in a more ‘interesting’ question to see how you cope…

For example you might get asked;

Who would win in a fight, superman or batman? What would you do if the sun died out? Please do an improvisation of a film (with potential co-worker). What would you do if you caught a member of staff kissing the boss?

This throwing in of alternative questions is a really good way of seeing how you as a candidate copes under sudden pressure that wasn’t planned for. If your sitting there just saying nothing or “erming” for a good minute the hiring manager is going to get a good idea of how you deal with a sudden change in pace.


You have two ways of dealing with this type of situation: you answer the question with either a honest or fake answer, or maybe switch it around on the interviewee (giving yourself time to recover and think of an interesting answer).

They might also be asking you these types of questions to find out a little more about you as a person. It has recently been noted that personalities of possible new employees need to fit in with the outstanding cultural fit of the company. By asking you a question such as “What dinosaur would you like to be?” or even “Was the book Frankenstein really about state control?”. These types of questions really pull out your inner personality and give you a change to really be individual and rememberable!

So next time you go into an interview expect the unexpected, make sure that all the answers that you are giving to a hiring manager are going to make you stand out and shine!

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