How to make your CV the best it could be!

When it comes to getting a new job having a CV or a resume is the most important weapon in your arsenal. It tells anyone that you send it too everything that they should need to know about you within your professional career, it is what is either going to get you hired as their next superstar or pushed to the bottom of a hiring managers pile…

So what can you do to make your CV or resume fly straight to the top of the heap? How do you make sure that what your sending in won’t be looked over and ignored?

Here at Cactus Search Recruitment we see 100s and 100s of resumes every single day, this means that we know exactly what we want to see. Read on to see how you can turn your personal CV into a work of art that Picasso would be proud of!

Step 1

The first thing to consider is to make sure that you have your CV in an appropriate file format. The best thing to do is to keep it simple, Microsoft Word will always be your best bet in the type of system to use. For both recruiters and hiring managers opening up CV’s in an appropriate format really helps them out.

By being helpful to the people opening your CV they are far more likely to read your CV and take you into consideration for the role. A formatting process to avoid (unless stated directly from a company) is the PDF… It might look impressive to you at the time but when it comes to a recruiting agency it isn’t that easy for us to look at overall.

Step 2

For a recruiting agency knowing your exact location is beyond helpful, if we know exactly where you are then we can match you swiftly and direactly to a role that will be perfect for you!

Also knowing if you would relocate, or the distance that you would be happy to travel. This is ideal as then if we have a role that isn’t right next door, but in your catchment area, we can still match you up with what could be your next perfect role…

Step 3

Have you gone travelling at any point? Or maybe you took a year or two out to be there to help raise your children? Whatever your reason for having a month to a year or more off make sure there is some type of explanation on your CV for the gap in employment.

It doesn’t have to be too long, just the dates that you were out of office and a brief explanation of what you were up too. You never know, it could really tip you up the scales of what someone is looking for…

Step 4

Now this is the last and final piece of information any candidate needs to remember when it comes to their CV… Make sure you change your CV to work with the role that you are applying for. If you make sure that you tailor your CV for a specific role then it means the response you get back might be more positive in the long run!

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