Why you, as a candidate, should use a recruiter…

Recruiters are some times thought of as pushy people, and this can scare some candidates out there in the search for a new job, but here at Cactus Search we like to take this idea, screw it up, and throw it in the immediatly avaliable bin!

We constantly welcome new candidates here, we love to find new superstars, we love to create new relationships that could mean great opportunities for everyone involved. Now it is pretty obvious why we want you as a candidate to come to us, however the question is Why should you get in contact with a recruitment agency?

First things first they can find you jobs that you might not even be on the market… Some companies decided to keep it ‘on the down low’ when their recruiting for certain roles. This means that when signed up to a recruiter your cv is automatically put into a short list for new roles that the general public will not be privy to.

When in the mix for a job it’s no big secret that you are not going to be the only individual going for that job. By being put forward by a recruiter it means that you can find out the overall number of candidates that you will be up against. The exact number may not be accessible to the recruiter as other companies might be being used as well, but a rounded up figure can be given. For you this means you can have more of a heads up to the amount of people that you will have to go up against.


Feedback is the next important part of the positives that are on the list for why to use a recruiter to find your next role. If you were to put your CV through to a hiring manager independently then the likelihood of said manager ringing you back after an interview to offer you feedback is pretty slim.

But because a hiring manager is working directly alongside the recruiter it means that we are bound to hear how the company feels about each candidate individually. And in turn the consultant will then be able to pass this information on to you too, meaning that you can hear both the good and the bad (and maybe even the ugly) about your interview. It may sound horrible if you don’t get the job, however it is useful as then you know where you need to improve for the future.

Another great upside to using recruiters is that they can help re-create your CV for you. If you have some great experience or points on your CV that perhaps are little hidden to a scanning eye of a hiring manager the recruiter will either discuss ways of bringing these out and building on them or perhaps even change your resume around a little to really show you off before sending it across to the client.

Recruiters might also have a wider understanding of the company and the job role that you are going for. This means you can really pick the brains of someone in the know before you go into the interview – that way you don’t end up in sticky situations where you haven’t done the right amount of research.

So all in all, when you look at all the positives that a recruiter can offer to you on your job search why aren’t you sending over your CV to a recruiter right now!

And if your looking for a brilliant role in the call centre environment then jump onto our website here and see what we might have to offer you..!

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