Why LinkedIn is just as important as a CV!

When considering a move to a new job the first thing any person thinks about doing is re-reading their current CV, touching it up to all of the current responsibilities that you have been given, or just giving it a well needed dusting after you haven’t looked at in 5 years and you know that there are going to be hundreds of cobwebs…

But maybe it’s no longer your CV that you actually need to look at updating. The social area side of life has become increasingly popular with both hiring managers and recruiters over the past years, the top of this list for the professional world being LinkedIn. In 2013 94% of recruiters said that they used the social networking site to look at prospective candidates, in 2014 the average connections that a recruiter would have on the app was 616. With these stats it is clear to see why so many recruits will now advise any candidate to also look at LinkedIn the way they would their CV.

So from us recruiters to all you candidates out there here are some useful hints at what to include in your LinkedIn profile to make the most out of the network…


Job Titles

Making sure that you have the correct and corresponding job titles on both your LinkedIn and your CV is really important. A recruiter might go onto your LinkedIn when resourcing for a new role, think your a stunning candidate so speaks to you and asks you to send over a CV, but upon realising that the titles don’t quiet match up decide against putting you forward for a great opportunity.

Everyone understands that on both a CV and LinkedIn you might use a little bit of embellishment here and there, but if your titles and roles don’t mimc one enough closely then a recruiter and hiring manager will see straight through what you have done and will be less likely to want to put you forward for the role.


Most people will pop their address onto their CV, this means that the hiring manager or recruiter can figure out straight away where a bouts the individual is based so that they can marry them up instantly with the available jobs.

It’s also a great idea to pop this onto your LinkedIn too, it then means that your instantly making yourself available to interested parties. They don;t have to sift through a CV to find a postcode or area. Hiring managers and recruiters will always recruit within a 20 mile radius – as this is what seems to be the perfect distance for a normal commute.


Having a few relevant keywords within the main body of your LinkedIn profile means that when recruiters are searching for people that work in a particular professional area your name will pop into the mix and beat itself through all of the other job seekers..!

Appropriate (updated) photo

Having a professional and updated photo on your LinkedIn gives the recruiter a face to a name, it allows them to see that there is a person behind the employment information. If there isn’t an image for yourself then the recruiter might be more questionable of that then of something on your actual CV.


These are always great to have, they show off you to a recruiter! It proves that your fantastic at what you do and that you are thought highly of by others as they have had the time to go on and talk you up… It’s not necessary that you must need this but it’s aways a bonus if you do!

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