Films that are all about recruitment!

It’s Friday, the last day of the week! It might be possible that at some point over the weekend that you will curl up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn and kill a few hours watching a film.

But I bet when your sitting and watching the chosen flick you don’t always think about how it could be directly linked with an area of your work, such as recruiting!

So seeing as it’s Friday here’s a few examples of some great films that are all about what we do here at Cactus Search…

3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This novel turned film is a great family pleaser for children and adults of all ages. Roald Dahl really did come up with a fantastic Film-and-TV-locations-2story that envelopes the minds of all. The idea of being able to go into a top secret chocolate factory is a dream come true to anyone and everyone who has a sweet tooth, or maybe even a savoury one.

But when you really delve into what’s going on in this film you can clearly see that what is really going on is most likely the worlds trickiest, and most dangerous job interview that the world has ever seen. Forget doing the human skeleton, or riding down the side of the Alps at the Tour De France, trying to navigate your way around the chocolate factory without falling down at one of the hurdles that the hiring manager (in this case Willy Wonka) has set up for you should be a round on the Crystal Maze!

Watch the Trailer here!

2. Batman – The Christopher Nolan trilogy

Batman to many boys and men out there is a top hero. He is the guy that they all want to be! And who wouldn’t, being able to dress up looking like a top predator, cool cars, and then turning into a multi millionaire when your all done fighting the bad guys!

But what you might not think about while watching the first and third film in this saga is that Bruce Wayne is constantly trying to be pulled into the group that call themselves the League of Shadows. For once the candidate doesn’t get the job in this instance, however the hiring manager treats him with less respect then he really needs too.

So Batman, a film really about what happens to you if you don’t treat your rejected candidates with respect!

Watch the Trailer here!

1. Star Wars

Now if your anything like some of the people that work at Cactus Search then Star Wars is a top film in the movie archives… With the new release set ready for December of this year, and the franchise being one of the most popular in the world we couldn’t help but look at the credentials of this film to see how it fits in with the recruiting world.

If we look at the basics of the 6 film saga then we can whittle it down to the main points of Palpatine recruiting Anakin Skywalker to the dark side, and then Anakin in turn then trying to recruit his son, Luke, into the same position a few years later…

However (PLOT TWIST) Luke declines the job offer from his father and rises up with the other rebels and takes down the evil side of the universe that they all live in. You may ask WHY? I mean isn’t all young sons dream job to go into the family business?

I think what we need to think of here when considering this film in the world of recruitment is that as a hiring manager always make sure you know exactly what is going on. Don’t give your power to others that might not have the right cards that you can lay down on the table… Sometimes it’s better to always do your own work!

Watch the Trailer here!

So if your watching any of these films over the weekend then keep an eye out to see how recruitment is working in these films. And if you come across any others then don’t hesitate to let me know…

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