Autumn is here!

The season of getting cosy on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate while you watch the leaves not only turn to the most gorgeous browns and reds but also start falling off the branches. It’s time to start pulling out those most loved jumpers out of the back of the wardrobe, to pull on the wellington boots when you take the dog for a walk and to stock up on the tins of soup for those lazy Sunday lunches!

Although outside is getting ever so slightly chillier here in the Cactus office we really are starting to hot up! We have got so many different roles flying in from our different clients that all our consultants really are working up a storm. But this isn’t going to stop us from wanting more and more, we love to hear from all our excising clients and the new ones too! Candidates (again whether old or new) are always welcome to ring our phones. As our Director Guy says; “Don’t be a keyboard warrior – It’s good to talk!”

We really are excited about the upcoming Autumn and Winter months, because we really do know that this is the best time of year for our industry. We have of course our Christmas target up on the board for the team and everyone is working hard to reach it before our Christmas ‘do’ in December. So it’s safe to say that months in the drawing stages of 2015 will be some of our most important.

So don’t be the last leaf that will fall (a bit of a Bugs Life quote for you there) and miss out on some amazing job opportunities, even if your not actively looking right now you have no idea what is about to pop out of the recruitment wood work! If you sign up to our job alerts then it’s a sure fire way of getting at least one eye on the market. To sign up then simply just follow this link…

We’ve also got some plans for new infographics, and updates here on the blog as well as over on our Twitter too! So don’t forget to follow us for all of our most recent news.


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