Customer Service – The good, bad, and ugly!

September 27th saw the last day of entrance to the world famous Dismaland, and now it’s time to look back over what the artist and his other colleagues were trying to tell us about our society. One of the piece that most struck me was the way that customer service was highlighted throughout the overall site.

It seems people all over the country, and most likely the world, always has something to say about customer service. Everyone can tell you a story about a bad experience that they have had with some type of customer service, more importantly a bad experience with a call centre. One of the artists in Dismaland voiced there opinion on the whole system with an ice cream van and its driver…


But as a recruiting agency that works solely in management positions for contact centres all over the world I don’t always believe that the perception most individuals have of the call centre is necessarily as true as the comedians and artists make out. It is obvious that the reasoning behind the news and comedians taking all their pops at the negative side of customer service because at the end of the day (or first thing in the morning) it is what sells the newspapers, gets you watching the news – as well as talking about it in the office when you get to work!

But it can’t all be doom and gloom can it? I certainly don’t think so! Here at Cactus Search and Frontline we work with some really excellent companies that work really hard to not only be a great company to work for, but also be a great call centre for the general public.

In fact here at Cactus we don’t work for companies that we don’t believe in – if we don’t like the ethics of a company or we believe that they aren’t going to do the best jobs for our candidates as well as the country then we would rather look else where. However, the companies we do work for really are shining stars when it comes to the call centre and customer service world. We know this because we know the companies, we know the offices, and we know the people that are behind the telephone!

Family Photography

If you were to walk into any call centre office right now – regardless of the size – you would most likely be knocked off your feet with how many different requirements of roles are situated in just one place. For a call centre to offer you a great customer service journey they need people all the way from the agents up to the site directors. The team managers, resource planning analysts, and operation managers! All the cogs that work simultaneously together to make sure that if you have a problem with a commodity then it is solved by the time that phone is put down.

Companies all over the world work very hard to make sure that your business is there business when it comes to improvements of products, or faults. There are thousands and thousands of agents that make your day a little better by solving what seemed like the biggest worry of the day a few minutes before. Teams who solve problems that can sometimes seem pointless when your having to ring through to an ‘0800’ number. Individuals that put huge smiles on consumers faces when they know they have a sparkling new product on the way!

So next time you hear a comedian taking the micky out of a automated system that took half an hour to finally select and get through to an actual human, or the news selling a story about how Sky gave a shockingly bad service where they didn’t care for the consumer on the other end, think about all the times you have had to speak to a call centre and in actual fact they have given you a solution and a smile!


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