Call Centre Managers, What makes a good one?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there are call centres up and down and across the breadth of the country, and not just in the country, but all over the world too! When most individuals think of Call Centres we tend to have in mind a room full of people with headsets on nattering away to someone at the other end who’s patiently putting up with whatever is trying to be sold to them. What you don’t think about is the people that manage the telephone agents.


This is exactly why we in the Cactus office have decided to designate our next blog spot to talking about what makes a really good call centre manager! So if this is what you feel is the next step for your career then take a peek at what a recruiter thinks are the top 5 attributes you need to be the no.1 manager.

  1. Model the right behaviours! At some stage in our lives our parents have turned to us and said “Do what I say, not what I do” and we have all questioned why it is that we can’t do what someone of superiority is doing. When it comes to being a manager then it’s always best to lead by your own example, by demonstrating in your daily work life how you want your team members to apply themselves will always make sure that your team will be on the right track.
  2. Communication is key! By being a manager you have won the chance to be the captain of the team, in the sporting field this means you are the leader, you are the one that holds the team together, and you are the one that has to make sure that the message is heard. For instance, in Rugby the captain of the team is the only member who is allowed to approach the referee to discuss a situation of play (unless the referee calls up another player), and then then captain’s job is to relay that message back to the players. As a call centre manager this is also your job. It is up to you to make sure that all of your team are spoken too and that any instructions are passed on. A key skill for a manager!
  3. Remember your ‘P’s and ‘T’s. When your at the top of a team always remembering to be pleasant to all the people above and below you is ideal!
  4. Hand the weapons out! This is an odd sounding one, but as a call centre manager you need to make sure that your team (wether its a 7FTE centre or a 700FTE) has all the necessary tools to get the job that they’re being asked to do done. Understanding that all your agents need you to make sure they get all of the right information is a sure fire way of making sure that you are seen as a top call centre manager.
  5. Take a rest! Its impossible to be setting a great example to your agents if your feeling low, angry or upset about something. If you aren’t feeling yourself then this comes across in your language and also your body image too, this is really important as it is important to an agent to always be cheerful on the phones so that they can give amazing customer service all day. So make sure your taking time out to keep yourself sane – and therefore your team too.

Have you got any other top tips on how to be a top call centre manager? Or perhaps you are a call centre manager and you’d like to make a suggestion?


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