The social side of being a recruiter!

Being social as a recruiter is highly important, I’m not talking about everyone in the office going out for a drink on Friday evening after a challenging week at work. No, what I’m actually referring to is recruiting using social media toget out there’.

The overall use of social media sites has become ever increasing within the 21st Century with more and more youngsters now being born into a world where everything can be done with a click of a button, where checking what all your friends are doing while standing in the middle of a camping field has become imperative. Social media has become the most important part of every persons life wether we are aware of it or not.

A recent survey showed that only 21% of employers didn’t actually use social media in some way. It also demonstrated such facts and figures as:

  1. 85% of the people asked had a LinkedIn profile – and thought it was the most important when it comes to the professional world.
  2. Only 1 in every 20 job seekers don’t have some kind of social networking profile!
  3. 16% said that they had an Instagram profile.

So you can see why it is very imperative in this century that companies, and more specifically recruiters, need to use as many different types of social media to touch all sides of the internet and social networking. Drumming up not only more potential for the company, but also having an easier access into being able to get hold of candidates and clients.

Should we really put a huge effort into social media?

When it comes down to getting candidates and clients involved in our company here at Cactus Search we like to use as much of the different types of social media available to us that we can. This is because we understand that all the people that we are in contact with (as a collective) all prefer various types of social media.

Linkedin_logoLinkedIn provides us with our first stop on the social media round in the Cactus office. With each and every member of our office having a profile on the site it really is such a helpful tool when it comes to the world of recruiting. Not only is it great because candidates and clients can see us directly for who we are and what we stand for, but we can also quickly get a window view of an individuals resume as well as being able to send messages directly.

Twitter-LogoTwitter is another of the big social media accounts that here at Cactus we use and we would recommend any other company to also use. This is because its a really nice and simple to use, there’s no gimmicks just 140 characters to spread the word about what you need to get out there into the internet world. It’s also fast, type and hit ‘tweet’ and it’s out there for all your followers to see the next time their scrolling through their feed. On top of all of that its so fantastically mobile – the app that you can have on your phone allows you to update the status of the page wherever you might be, and all the members of your team can be signed in at once!

instagram-logo-transparent-background_zps6befc220Although we do use many of the social network, one of the most used internet apps that we haven’t got into just yet is Instagram. For anyone who isn’t sure what this social phenomena is then it really is as simple as an online photo album, each individual or company will have an individual profile page in which they will post photos from each day to show what they have been up to in photo form. It’s a really artistic way of getting a message out there, however when it comes to recruiting it’s not perhaps the most accessible of social media sites to get people looking at you for your new roles. However, if you want a way to get remembered every now and then – this is the place for you. You might even see Cactus pop up soon…

All in all though – as tough as it can be to get your head around some of the social networking sites – a recruiter being social is all important to a company as it can really open up different doors. Bring in candidates that you wouldn’t have thought would crop up and come and ask for help!

What do you think of using social media as a recruiter? Any hints and tips?


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