What to never say at work!

With individuals spending more then half our time as an adult at work it can become very easy to create some great working relationships with the people that you see everyday. In fact its understandable why so many people end up from going from colleagues to friends within the working realm!

When it comes to you and your friends then I can second guess that your most likely on such good terms with them that you would share with them more about your daily life then you would perhaps share with your grandma! However, when it comes to your work life there really are certain things that you shouldn’t be saying.

An unwritten code…

Rule 1 – What you do drunk should stay in that ‘Saturday night world’

You having a few too many over the weekend and it resulting in you stealing a cute little penguin from the local zoo might just be a really fantastic story to tell your close friends to get a few laughs. But saying this to your work friends and colleagues on a coffee break is the worst idea. You never know who could just be popping in for an extra spoonful of sugar and overhear the whole thing, similarly steer away from popping it onto Facebook! Your managers can easily find anything that is written on social networking sites and this could end up putting a black mark by your name, or even them passing you a moving out box.


Rule 2 – Mums the word on your old company’s way of life

Saying phrases such as ‘We didn’t do it like that at …” or “Back at … we would have done it like this” to your new colleagues or manager may seem helpful in your head because after all you are the one that could have been putting these practises into place. But more likely then not these are the types of comments that will definitely make people turn a cold shoulder to your suggestions in the future.

Rule 3 – Reflecting on your pay when theres a job to be done

Sometimes in the world of work a job needs to be done, often then not there will be someone who is paid to do that particular job, but sometimes this isn’t always going to be true. In some cases an individual may be on holiday or there might not actually be someone in place to take care of what is being asked for. So if it falls to you to take up the gauntlet and tackle it head on don’t find yourself complaining that you don’t get paid to do it – just getting on with it means that your employer will see you as a better employee for working extra hard.

Rule 4 – Better to remain silent and appear a fool, then open your mouth and remove all doubt

Some things that can be discussed or said in a moment can appear to be funny in your head, or could be funny said between you and your friends, but if it can be seen airing on the side of a stereotype then people in the office could here and feel offended by the overall nature of what you have said. Not the best way of showing that you work well within a team if your found taking the mick out of a portion of them.

These rules are great to apply to yourself in a new role, or even in a position that you have been holding for a long time. Being a great employee and also colleague is really what helps you in your life – after all, you do spend the majority of your adult life within the walls of employment.

Do any of you have any other rules of what not to do at work? Or maybe there are somethings that you definitely need to do!


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