Keeping that job hunting moving forward…

Going on a job hunt can sometimes seem daunting, stressful, upsetting. Mixed emotions are always felt when looking for a new job, or perhaps your first full time job because often then not you really don’t know what your doing. Here at Cactus we understand those worries which is why as recruiters we are always here with a friendly manner and some great advice at how to tackle the job hunt and how to keep it moving forward without getting disheartened!

First things first you need to make sure your CV is all present and correct. Make sure that everything you have achieved within your professional life is accounted for in some way within the pages of your CV, this will make it a lot easier for a recruiter or hiring manager to understand exactly where you are at with your job search and what roles you would be able to do well.

The first thing to remember when being involved in your job hunt is to remember that you will be getting feedback no matter if your going through an recruitment agency or going it alone the dreaded feedback will find you at some point… Some feedback will be negative and some will be positive. All feedback though will help you continue your job search, it means that you know what you can do and what you might need to put a little more work towards! When working alongside a recruiter in your job search this feedback might be easier to take as the consultant knows how to deliver these points in a more subtle and less personal blow. They will also make sure that you always get some type of feedback as well – when going direct it can sometimes mean that the company might be too bust to come back to you at all.


Getting the interview right is the next step on the ladder of getting yourself a job. The interview process can be a really stressful part of the overall job hunt as your meeting someone new and you know that this meeting is literally just going to be them firing lots of different questions at you about your professional life (and also maybe your private time too). You have to answer all these questions while also not looking nervous and as if all you want to do is run to the nearest toilet and get rid of what little breakfast you managed to eat. But working with a recruiter means that you can get a heads start on the interview process as they will be able to get you in the right frame of mind. They can tell you what the company is looking for from you.

Our top tip when it comes to interviews is just relax as much as you can and be yourself, as well as making sure you are suited and booted!

Feeling like your not getting anywhere is often one of the top feelings when it comes to trying to find your next role – trust me, i was in the position before I landed my role here with Cactus! But just keep going, if your having a bad day then make a list of all your good points, allow yourself to have a little free time in which your not thinking about not having a job. Be active, get yourself outside and get some fresh air, this will automatically make you feel better as you won’t feel so trapped. If your working with a consultant then give them a quick ring and just ask if they have anything new in. Doing a little everyday will make you feel better for being active, but won’t make you feel like your getting stuck in a workless hole.

Has anyone else got any useful tips for people on the job search? If you are looking for a new role within the contact centre arena then don’t be afraid to get in contact with us!

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