Why recruitment agencies and clients need to work in partnership!

What do we mean when we talk about partnerships? If you were to just stop and think about the world and the partnerships you see everyday you could easily come up with a few different examples that you know work well. Such as: Husband and wife, a striker and a midfielder from your chosen football club, or even two actors that bring across a really great friendship in a TV programme (such as Harvey and Mike in Suits).

Another partnership that is really important in our eyes is the relationship between a recruiting agency and it’s clients. When it comes to recruiting here at Cactus we like to put our whole heart into the process, which means having a strong and reliable relationship with all of our individual clients is imperative. This is because for us to get our clients the best candidates we also need the clients to be walking directly alongside us.


By having a great rapport with our client it allows us to be able to find out exactly what you want in a candidate. It allows us to understand you as an individual hiring manager, to understand you as a company, and to also allow us to give you a great recruitment process from the very first phone call to the last.

In recruitment if a client is not working alongside a consultant it can really bring many problems to the entire process.  The first step of letting the process down is if you as a client don’t let us know the ins and outs of the role that you want candidates found for. This therefore gives us a misinterpretation of what we are trying to fill and subsequently stops us from finding individuals that can really be great for the company and the role.

Also if the communication is not open in the partnership of the client and the recruiter then it means then the role as a whole can also be looked over and forgotten. Consultants boards and time are always divided between many different clients and many different types of roles so if a barrier appears within communication it can have disastrous effects in the long run. It can result in either the recruiter giving up with the role if they are not receiving feedback at any time in the process of a client no longer using the agency for future roles.

Overall, when it comes to a recruiter working with a client and the client working with the recruiter then a good partnership needs to be established from the very beginning so that no mishaps or pitfalls open up throughout the process and make what could be a fantastic experience into a nightmare!

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