Tailored Volume Resourcing: Cactus Frontline

Both we and our sister company, Cactus Frontline, believe that the time of the off-the-shelf resourcing solution is at an end. For some time now, Contact Centre businesses have made do with ill-fitting and badly designed recruitment solutions. Cactus Frontline offer a made-to-measure process to suit our clients’ needs.  Our ultimate goal is to deliver… Continue reading Tailored Volume Resourcing: Cactus Frontline

Attrition in the Contact Centre (An Infographic)

In 2011 there were 650,500 agent positions but it’s expected that by 2015, there’ll  be just over 700,000! But with attrition looming overhead, that could all change. This infographic explores the development of the Contact Centre and the unavoidable attrition that comes with it. Attrition cannot be avoided totally – and nor would you want it… Continue reading Attrition in the Contact Centre (An Infographic)

Ode to Team Leaders

Contact centres are big business these days, employing over 1.1 million people in the UK alone. And staffing them isn’t a simple matter of bums on seats – especially at a senior level. It’s quite often thought that the people at the very top of the operation are the most important – and while there’s some… Continue reading Ode to Team Leaders

How to Reduce Stress in your Call Centre – and how the CEOs Relax!

Call centre management is a surprisingly demanding field, for a variety of reasons. Maintaining a positive culture in a contact centre environment requires a very particular type of person; someone who understands the need for motivation and variety at work. It’s not enough to just be a good manager who is skilled at making sure… Continue reading How to Reduce Stress in your Call Centre – and how the CEOs Relax!