Unexpected Interview Questions – Be Prepared!

Techniques for interviews are fluid, they are always changing. There’s no real right or wrong way to conduct or attend an interview. The basics remain the same: dress well, keep eye contact and be positive. Being prepared doesn’t go amiss either. Besides the basics though, interviews don’t follow a particular format. Interviewers are putting your… Continue reading Unexpected Interview Questions – Be Prepared!

A Few Tips On Body Language!

Giving the right, or wrong answer, can impact greatly on the outcome of an interview. But it isn’t simply what we say that can give off the right, or wrong, impression. Body language plays a huge part too. The way we act, where we look and the gestures we perform can all give off tell-tale… Continue reading A Few Tips On Body Language!

The Employer’s Potential Pitfall

We like to do a bit of researching here at Cactus – it’s important to know the industry inside out. We’ve recently been produced the 2013 Salary Survey. This handy document required extensive research into salary figures across the contact centre industry- and so we’re proud that it’s finally finished. There’s been a trend developing recently that has taken… Continue reading The Employer’s Potential Pitfall

How Do You Measure Job Satisfaction?

As you’re probably already aware, we love a bit of benchmarking here at Cactus. Our Salary & Benefits Surveys have fast become an industry benchmark, and are used by HR professionals and contact centre specialists alike to measure the trends across all sectors and disciplines – a fact that we’re rather proud of! But we’ve… Continue reading How Do You Measure Job Satisfaction?

The Management Olympics

We have a confession to make. We may have pinched this idea from one of our fantastic candidates who used it in her presentation for a (successful!) interview with a fabulous business – so many thanks and congratulations, you know who you are! It goes without saying that everyone’s a tad abuzz with Olympics fever – after… Continue reading The Management Olympics

The Importance of Feedback

Here at Cactus Search, we work with an enormous number of clients on a daily basis, sending them great candidates from our 15,000 strong database of management & specialist call centre professionals. We’re not trying to blow our own trumpet – just popping this into context! Obviously with so many great candidates, and with more coming… Continue reading The Importance of Feedback

How to Interview like a Celebrity…

It goes without saying that interviewing for a new job can be a very daunting task. Even for those candidates who are the cream of the crop, having to attend a face to face interview can be intimidating, and we’re often asked for tips on how to get through them without fear. Some people, however,… Continue reading How to Interview like a Celebrity…