Cactus Search goes GLOBAL!

We have been celebrating 10 years of success recruiting some of the UK’s best managers, leaders and specialist within the Call and Contact Centre across a large number of skills & disciplines. While Cactus Search has historically supplied into some of the most nationally recognised companies in the United Kingdom, as the market has grown over the years,… Continue reading Cactus Search goes GLOBAL!

Tailored Volume Resourcing: Cactus Frontline

Both we and our sister company, Cactus Frontline, believe that the time of the off-the-shelf resourcing solution is at an end. For some time now, Contact Centre businesses have made do with ill-fitting and badly designed recruitment solutions. Cactus Frontline offer a made-to-measure process to suit our clients’ needs.  Our ultimate goal is to deliver… Continue reading Tailored Volume Resourcing: Cactus Frontline

10 Years Servicing the Contact Centre Industry

Cactus Search is celebrating its 10th birthday! Our journey, starting in 2003, has been fantastic and as we enter the new year, we feel that it is time to reflect on the last ten years, looking at where we’ve come from, how we’ve grown, refined, serviced and exceeded expectations becoming one of the leading contact… Continue reading 10 Years Servicing the Contact Centre Industry

The Employer’s Potential Pitfall

We like to do a bit of researching here at Cactus – it’s important to know the industry inside out. We’ve recently been produced the 2013 Salary Survey. This handy document required extensive research into salary figures across the contact centre industry- and so we’re proud that it’s finally finished. There’s been a trend developing recently that has taken… Continue reading The Employer’s Potential Pitfall

Infographic: Contact Centres in 2013

There’s a lot of great research going on in the contact centre industry, with some very interesting numbers to boot – but sometimes, it’s difficult to keep up with all that’s going on in such a fast-moving, ever-changing sector. That’s why we’ve put together this rather snazzy infographic on the state of the industry going into… Continue reading Infographic: Contact Centres in 2013

How Do You Measure Job Satisfaction?

As you’re probably already aware, we love a bit of benchmarking here at Cactus. Our Salary & Benefits Surveys have fast become an industry benchmark, and are used by HR professionals and contact centre specialists alike to measure the trends across all sectors and disciplines – a fact that we’re rather proud of! But we’ve… Continue reading How Do You Measure Job Satisfaction?

The Domino Effect

If you’ve been following our Twitter account recently, you’ll have probably noticed that we’re suddenly a little bit obsessed with Resource Planners in the South East. And Bid Managers pretty much everywhere. This isn’t something we’re surprised about in the least – indeed, we touched on it briefly in our Guide to Resource Planning last year… Continue reading The Domino Effect