Attrition in the Contact Centre (An Infographic)

In 2011 there were 650,500 agent positions but it’s expected that by 2015, there’ll  be just over 700,000! But with attrition looming overhead, that could all change. This infographic explores the development of the Contact Centre and the unavoidable attrition that comes with it. Attrition cannot be avoided totally – and nor would you want it… Continue reading Attrition in the Contact Centre (An Infographic)

What Makes A GREAT Boss?

In the advent of our upcoming infographic, we here at Cactus Search have been thinking, what makes a great boss? It might seem rather easy to answer, a great boss is someone with positive and hardworking traits– however, for some bosses, it can often be easy to lose sight of those traits in the rapid race of hitting… Continue reading What Makes A GREAT Boss?

British Blizzards – How Does Your Contact Centre Deal With Them?

We didn’t quite get the white Christmas we wished for this December and instead, received it by the bucket load this January. A little overdue, the snow hit hard, particularly here at Cactus Search. Layered with thermals and snow shovels in hand, we were prepared. …But were you? When snow hits the UK, we have a tendency… Continue reading British Blizzards – How Does Your Contact Centre Deal With Them?

The Only Way Is… Up?

The Fiscal Cliff might be a moot point (for now) while January is here, and now US government have agreed to pass a majority of it, but here’s a little something we were emailed recently: the grim face of the Fiscal Cliff legislation. Like you, we’re all tired of this recession and so, who better… Continue reading The Only Way Is… Up?