Why Using Multiple Agencies is a Prickly Business

It’s not hard to understand why using multiple agencies seems like an appealing prospect for the savvy hiring manager. After all, in theory, it should mean more CVs, with recruiters covering more ground, and a bit of lively competition meaning that only the very best candidates get through. In theory. In practise, however, it’s a… Continue reading Why Using Multiple Agencies is a Prickly Business

Contact Centre Salary Survey 2011

At Cactus Search, we’ve just launched our Contact Centre Salary Survey 2011. As industry leaders in Contact Centre recruitment, we have access to a database of over 13,000 candidates – all specialists in their sectors. That’s why we’re better placed than anyone else to provide a comprehensive report on the state of the industry, with… Continue reading Contact Centre Salary Survey 2011

Successful Interviews: The Cactus Approach

This guide was originally intended for our candidates at Cactus Search, and is aimed at those in Call Centre Recruitment.  However, we think it’s a pretty great guide for anyone going for an interview. We hope you like it! So you’ve had a phone call from one of our consultants, and success! You’re through to a… Continue reading Successful Interviews: The Cactus Approach