Autumn is here!

The season of getting cosy on the sofa with a blanket and a hot chocolate while you watch the leaves not only turn to the most gorgeous browns and reds but also start falling off the branches. It’s time to start pulling out those most loved jumpers out of the back of the wardrobe, to… Continue reading Autumn is here!

Being a superhero candidate

I hope it’s not just me but I am pretty sure it’s not just children that want to run around wearing a cape, underpants over their trousers and that all important mask to keep their identity a secret. Adults all over the world are also as intrigued in being the real life Batman or Wonder… Continue reading Being a superhero candidate

Films that are all about recruitment!

It’s Friday, the last day of the week! It might be possible that at some point over the weekend that you will curl up on the sofa with a bag of popcorn and kill a few hours watching a film. But I bet when your sitting and watching the chosen flick you don’t always think… Continue reading Films that are all about recruitment!

How To Uncover A Superhero

Franchisees such as Marvel and DC Comics have been entertaining children and adults alike for the past 80 years. We have all read the comic strips or gathered in front of the big screens with our popcorn and medium sized cokes to see what happens in the next chapter of the Avengers. It is characters… Continue reading How To Uncover A Superhero

Why LinkedIn is just as important as a CV!

When considering a move to a new job the first thing any person thinks about doing is re-reading their current CV, touching it up to all of the current responsibilities that you have been given, or just giving it a well needed dusting after you haven’t looked at in 5 years and you know that… Continue reading Why LinkedIn is just as important as a CV!

Tips about interviews from a recruiter!

When the dreaded ‘I’ word comes around most individuals immediately start becoming nervous. This is because a job interview to most individuals is the equivalent to the FA Cup final for the underdog, it’s most likely going to be one of the most nerve racking times of your life. Your going to be bombarded with random… Continue reading Tips about interviews from a recruiter!