Considering A New Career? Now’s The Time To Act!

With the New Year comes those pesky New Year’s resolutions and right at the top of many people’s lists will be a career change! Now more than ever is the perfect time to look for your dream career with the frenzy and hype surrounding ‘Massive Monday’ set to saturate the rest of this week. What is… Continue reading Considering A New Career? Now’s The Time To Act!


As the CCMA is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, this year’s conference to be held at the British Library in London on the 4th November, will focus on what our industry may look like in 2020 and beyond. This was a very well attended event last year and we are delighted that this year… Continue reading UK NATIONAL CONTACT CENTRE CONFERENCE 2014

The Case for Cloud Based Contact Centres

‘The movement of contact centres to the cloud is set to turn into a stampede: 71 percent of UK contact centre decision makers in a recent survey said they were actively considering such a move or were more open to adopting cloud technology.’ Read the full article by clicking here: Those interested in the rise… Continue reading The Case for Cloud Based Contact Centres

[Infographic] Consumers of the Omnichannel

This is the era of the omnichannel contact centre, where consumers engage with businesses using a variety of technologies. A combination of strategy, internal processes, people and knowledge management is key to delivering great service, but using the right technology can also be vital for success. Those interested in the rise of different technologies employed… Continue reading [Infographic] Consumers of the Omnichannel

Why Contact Centres are moving to the Cloud and reaping the benefits

With today’s digitally savvy consumers routinely using smartphones and tablets to research and buy products and services, it should come as no surprise that the need to service the multi-channel customer is putting contact centres under pressure. A new industry report suggests that many contact centres are turning to the cloud to support the next stage of… Continue reading Why Contact Centres are moving to the Cloud and reaping the benefits

Voice prints: the future of contact centre security


Lock image-578-80

Everyday, thousands of people are asked to confirm or provide sensitive details so that they can make changes to existing accounts for wide and varied services. If fraudsters had access to the security questions that agents commonly ask, it would be possible for them to gain access to sensitive information, bank account details and other information that could be otherwise damaging the hands of others. Craig Pumfrey, from the security firm NICE systems, believes that ‘biometric voice print’ technology will be used as a ‘method of identity verification over the phone.’ Aside from the obvious benefits of tighter account security, this technology would also shorten the sometimes lengthy authentication process, saving both the customer and agent time (and stress.)

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