What to never say at work!

With individuals spending more then half our time as an adult at work it can become very easy to create some great working relationships with the people that you see everyday. In fact its understandable why so many people end up from going from colleagues to friends within the working realm! When it comes to… Continue reading What to never say at work!

Customer Service – The good, bad, and ugly!

September 27th saw the last day of entrance to the world famous Dismaland, and now it’s time to look back over what the artist and his other colleagues were trying to tell us about our society. One of the piece that most struck me was the way that customer service was highlighted throughout the overall… Continue reading Customer Service – The good, bad, and ugly!

Only 1 Week Until 0845 Number Changes

Is your customer service line ready to move away from 0845? From the 13th of June it will illegal to provide an 0845 number for a customer service line.  To find out more, check out Call Centre Helper’s recent blog post on the matter: